A few things every new Conan player should know

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You went out and just bought the game and you are gung ho ready to play when you return home. Here is a list of things you should be aware of when you are going to make that purchase.

1. Aoc requires a very good PC to work. I know on the box it has minimum requirements to play but really the recommended requirements should be considered the MINIMUM. I know a person trying to play it with the minimum and once you get to tortage(starting city) it becomes unplayable.

2. Choose your server wisely. Some servers are already at heavy loads which means if you make a character on that server you will have to wait to play. Also beware if you are new to MMOs do not choose a PvP server as ganking is major part of the game and believe you will get ganked and often

3. The world is huge so find your rez points in any zone as fast as possible. You will die often early on and it sucks to have to run along way across a map when you could have walked two feet to a rez point.

4. Questing is the way to go. Conan rewards you well for questing. Do not try to grind mobs for experience. At higher levels mob experience is negligible

5. Group often and early. I recommend finding a guild of like minded individuals and group for quests. Its fast and safe way to level. MMOs are social games and are meant to be played that way


It Has Begun

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I love Conan. I can remember watching Conan the Barbarian on VHS as a kid and immediately falling in love with the character and the world in which he lived in. It was first real introduction into a fantasy world and being a preteen at the time I found myself drawn to that setting. I absorbed as much information as I could not just about Conan but any fantasy material I could get my hands on. Lord of the Rings,Dungeons and Dragons, Dragonlance and Shannara series were but a few of the things I was into at a young age.

Years go by and I have moved on in my life but my love of fantasy still persists. I have always enjoyed gaming from way back in the day on an Atari 2600 alway the way to PC games of today. The games I have liked the most are the fantasy ones. From Bard’s tale to King’s Quest to Might and Magic to Everquest to World of Warcraft, I was always playing something. I think the advent of massively multiplayer online games or MMO’s, has caught my attention even more. Here now exists dynamic living breathing worlds that are populated with real players were my actions can and do have consequences on the world around me. Its a fantastic idea for the fantasy lover like me!

When I first read that a MMO designed after Conan and the world he lives in was being made I was excited at first and skeptical after. You see I have been through a gambit of MMO games in the past few years from Vanguard to Lord of the Rings and have been disappointed by the results. I am still a World of Warcraft player even I as i write this blog. It is still the champ when it comes to MMO’s and eventhough I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with the game, I still find myself coming back to it. But maybe that will end with Age of Conan or AOC for short.

I am very lucky in someways. I have always had the best of the best when it comes to computer hardware and I think this is the main reason I seem to always get into closed betas for any game I want. Name an MMO in the past 10 years and I have beta tested it. It was no exception with AOC and tried the game in between raiding on WoW. I was intrigued with what they were trying to do and the places were they wanted to go with the game. I leveled a few classes to give myself an impression and found myself pleased with the very different styles of each class. Time went on and the closed beta become an open beta and I found myself back again and was once again please with the progress the game was making. They had a shot to be successful and while they may not be able to dethrone WoW they could make a great game and have alot of people playing it.
Now the game is finally out and after two days of playing I think..no I hope we may have that game that will rival WoW. Time will tell….

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FIrst impressions on launch day and leveling!!